The American Go Yearbook

The American Go Yearbook

The annual American Go Yearbook is a 100+ full-color downloadable PDF that includes a wealth of material culled from the year’s reporting in the American Go E-Journal, as well as latest ratings and a list of AGA chapters.

Also now available to members is an online compilation of all the Member’s Edition material published in the E-Journal during the year. This online resource enables you to quickly find the material you’re looking for on a month-by-month list. Once selected, game records or PDFs open up quickly and easily for your review or download. The Yearbook collection also includes bonus files not originally included in the E-Journal.

The Yearbook brings together previously-published Special Edition reports on events like the US Go Congress, the World Amateur Go Championship and the Cotsen with other features – also previously released – such as the Member’s Edition Collection Of Games, Commentaries & More, The Year in Headlines, Games & Commentaries, Instruction, The Go Player’s Guide to the World, Go Spotting and Youth reports.

New material includes the Go Tools section covering go books, software and hardware; the Scoreboard section, with full-color photos from events held during the year; a snapshot of AGA member ratings; the top 50 players with most games/events from both the year and cumulatively; bios, photos and contact info on America’s Teaching Professionals, and a photo gallery of US titleholders for the year.

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