Craig Hutchinson, 5 August 2006

      With the passing away of Go players who have contributed to the development of Go in the US and abroad, served as officers of the AGA, accumulated AGA records and documents, and accumulated personal libraries of historical significance, the AGA Library/Archive (AGALA) serves as a repository so that the material will not be lost. The American Go Association Historical Book and AGALA website are designed to provide information about and a glimpse of the material contained in the AGALA, which is a historical record of the AGA and of the development of Go activities in the United States. The information provided in the book was compiled and edited by Craig R. Hutchinson, who is the AGA Librarian/Archivist and Chairman of the Robinson Go Library Committee and who holds in trust the historical records and materials of the AGA. In 1974 Craig Hutchinson volunteered for and inherited the job of AGA Librarian/Archivist from Ralph Fox, with the approval of the AGA under John Stephenson. Craig is now allotting a regular portion of his time to being a more active AGA Librarian/Archivist.

      The AGA Library/Archive presently contains:

a.   The AGA correspondence of Ralph Fox, Robert High, Robert McCallister, Lester Morris, Karl Davis Robinson, and Robert Ryder. As a result the AGALA contains some of the correspondence of Lee Foster Hartman, WD Witt, JP Bowles, John Olmstead, and others. The Japanese literature portion of the Robinson Go Library is preserved in the Gest Oriental Library at Princeton University.

b.   AGA Historical Picture Album (Photos from 1935 to 1997)

c.   AGA Historical News Articles Album (News Articles from 1911-1997)

d.   AGA Historical Souvenir Album (sales brochures for Go books and equipment from 1929 to 1997)

e.   AGA Historical Publication Album of AGALA selections

f.   The Go board and stones that were used to produce the American Go Journal Volumes 1-8

g.   Karl Davis Robinson's Go board

h.   Robert M Ryder Go Books and Equipment

i.   Terry Benson historical files and historical AGA Journals and News Letters

j.   Roy Laird historical files

k.   George Chernowitz historical book collection and files.

l.   Chris Kirschner former AGA president files.

m. Chris Garloc AGA Email Newsletters

      In order to keep the above items accurate and up to date, it is requested that all members of the AGA provide the AGA Library/Archive with copies of newspaper articles, magazine articles, books, monographs, bibliographies, pictures, translations, flyers, equipment, etc that they would like to have preserved and access to on behalf of the AGA. Selected AGALA items will be made available at the Congress each year.

      Plans for the future include a forum on the history of the AGA at each AGA Congress and to provide attendees access to selected AGALA items each year. Any AGA member is invited to visit the AGALA and use the AGALA and its storage facility for historical research. As required an auction of AGALA duplicate items will be held at the AGA Congress. Now that we are in the age of the internet, the amount of available Go material at your finger tips is enormous. Pick a website and enjoy!

      The data and information contained in the AGALA is based on continuing research. It will take the help of the entire AGA to keep the AGALA accurate and not going "Ding-Go-Bats." This is another one of those AGA functions that is performed from enjoying the game of Go and its devotees. Presently Craig Hutchinson is physically limping along right now, with a walker, scooter, and wheelchair, degenerating with: Corticobasal Ganglionic Degeneration (CGD), Temperable and Parietal Lobe Atrophy, Atypical Alzheimer's disease, and/or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Wow! He got to see the sun again today!

As of 5 August 2006 David Doshay has taken over as the keeper of the AGALA.