How to Run a Go Congress

You Can Run A Go Congress!

The US Go Congress is the premiere annual go event in North America, with hundreds of players, teachers, and people from all over the world gathering for eight days of sheer go delight.

With enough time and the right team, nearly anyone can run a Go Congress. The AGA provides a lot of support for Congress planners. We've been organizing the US Go Congress for more than twenty five years, so many experienced people are available to help at every step of the way.

It takes a lot of planning, and Congresses are scheduled several years in advance. The AGA likes to vary Congress locations by regions every year, so consider the locations of recent Congresses when selecting the year you'd like to propose hosting.

Why Organize a Go Congress?

  • Earn up to $10,000 in proceeds for your chapter to spend to promote go and stage events in your area.
  • Put your chapter on the map; players from all over will enjoy your area.
  • Attract lots of local media attention for your chapter.
  • Add your own special twist to make this Congress your own.
  • Acquire event planning and management skills, which look really good on your resume.
  • Have an unforgettable experience with your go-playing friends.
  • Throw the biggest party of your life!

The documents listed below provide everything you need to know to organize a Go Congress in your area, including how to prepare a successful proposal and budget and how to organize the necessary tasks.

How to Start a Go Congress: Read exactly what it takes to run a US Go Congress and the first steps you need to take to apply to be a host.

The Concise US Go Congress Handbook: This handbook provides solid guidance on every aspect of Congress development and management, based on over 20 years of experience.

Congress Task List: This document breaks out the areas of responsibility you will need to assign to members of your Congress team.

Congress Time Line: This time line provides the schedule for everything you will need to do and when you need to do it.

Congress Program: This sample program from the 2003 US Go Congress contains all the necessary text to serve as a template for making up your Congress brochure.

Congress Hosting Application Form: If you've read all of the above and you're ready to host a US Go Congress, you can begin the process by filling out this application form and sending it in. Email the completed application to the AGA Congress liaison, the AGA's point person who will help you every step of the way. Or follow mail/fax instructions on the form.

Congress Memorandum Of Understanding: At each year's National Assembly, the team that will present the following year's Go Congress gives a presentation. Then the Congress Director and the AGA President sign this Congress Memorandum Of Understanding, and it's official! You'll be hosting a US Go Congress!