American Go E-Journal


Thursday August 5, 2010

UNDEFEATED: U.S OPEN 4-0 WINNERS: With two rounds to go, the following players are undefeated thus far in the U.S. Open: Terry Benson, Tucker Burgin, Gordon Castanza, William Gundberg, Albert Guo, Albert Hu, Colin Liu, David Niu, Jesse O’brion, Joel Olson, Jeff Putney, Larry Russ, Roger Schrag, Andrew Shang, Daniel Smith, Myron Souris, Darrell Speck, Myung Wan Kim, April Ye, Peter Zhang. Click here for complete standings/results in the U.S. Open through Round 4.
PHILLIPS & FRANKEL DOMINATING SELF-PAIRED: William Phillips and David Frankel together are leading in four of the Self-Paired tourney events. Phillips is still leading for The Champion, increasing his net wins to 9; Frankel and Phillips are currently tied for The Hurricane, with 10 wins each; Frankel has a firm grip on The Giant Killer (Dan Killer) with 8 wins against dan-level players, while Jeffrey Horn’s 4 wins against kyus is holding onto The Keith Arnold (Kyu Killer); The Straight Shooter: Frankel and Phillips both have 5 consecutive wins; Gordon Castanza’s 17 games gives him a good lead on The Dedicated, while Wayne Nelson’s 10 games against weaker players has him in the lead for The Teacher and he’s also leading for The Philanthropist.
NOTE: Watch for a Pair Go report and photo album on the website Friday!