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U.S. OPEN ROUND 4, BOARD 1: Cheng Xiaoliu 6P on The Cost of Unusual Josekis

Thursday August 5, 2010

Cheng Xiaoliu 6P (center) was born in 1949 and became a 6-dan pro in 1982. His achievements include 5th place in the 1977 National Individual Championship, 3rd place in the 1981 National Individual Championship, Challenger in the 4th New Sports Cup, Top 4 in the 1988 Meijin Tournament.

2010 US Open Round 4, Board 1


August 5, 2010
W: Lui, Eric 7D
B: Kim, Myung Wan 9P
Commentary by Cheng Xiaoliu 6P, translated by I-han Lui, transcribed by Chris Garlock
Game recorded by Solomon Smilack on KGS