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U.S. OPEN ROUND 5, BOARD 1: Cathy Li 1P on Unavoidable Fighting

Friday August 6, 2010

Yongfe Ge 7D unsuccessfully tries to avoid fighting with Myung-Wan Kim 9P in this U.S. Open Round 5 game. Cathy Li 1P (r) shows how two of Ge’s moves early on enable Kim to get a three-way attack going that determines the flow of the rest of this exciting game.


2010 US Open Round 5
UCCS, Colorado Springs, CO
W: Myung-Wan Kim 9P
B: Yongfei Ge 7DCommentary by Cathy Li 1P, broadcast on the KGS Go Server
Game recorded by Solomon Smilack; commentary transcribed by Chris Garlock