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WORLD GO NEWS ROUND-UP October 12-18: Samsung Cup Rounds 1 & 2

Monday October 18, 2010

Three Koreans & One Chinese Player Advance to Samsung Cup Semis. In second-round play on October 14, Kim Jiseok 7P, Park Junghwan 8P, and Heo Yeongho 7P of Korea and Gu Li 9P of China advanced to the semi-finals.  The semi-finals will be played November 1-4 as three-game series with Kim Jiseok playing Gu Li and Heo Yeongho playing Park Junghwan.  In the second round, Kim Jiseok defeated Kong Jie 9P, Gu Li defeated Lee Sedol 9P, Park Junghwan defeated Won Sungjin 9P, and Heo Yeongho defeated Wang Lei 6P (game records).  In the first round, played on October 13, there were no major surprises. Kong Jie defeated Lee Changho 9P by resignation in a fairly short game of 142 moves. Lee Sedol defeated Yamashita Keigo 9P by resignation after coming back from a deficit during the middle game. Kim Jiseok defeated Park Jiyeon 2P, and Gu Li defeated Han Sanghoon 5P. In other first round results, Heo Yeongho defeated Wang Tao 3P, Won Sungjin defeated Zhou Ruiyang 5P, Wang Lei defeated Park Yeonghun 9P, and Park Junghwan defeated Choi Cheolhan 9P.
- JustPlayGo; edited by Jake Edge

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