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Sunday November 7, 2010

Andrew Lu 6d won the 13th Ing’s Cup Youth Goe Tournament on Sunday, October 24 in Sunnyvale, Northern California. The tournament — an annual one-day event organized by Mingjiu Jiang 7P (below) and Joe Lee — drew more than 135 young go players under the age of 21, including players from neighboring states and China. Players were divided into ten 19×19 sections and multiple groups for 13×13 play according to player’s rank. Trophies were awarded to the top four winners for each section while each section’s top six winners could pick from prizes including scooters, skating boards, basket balls and more. Andrew Lu 6d, coming all the way from Los Angeles, snapped up the top prize by defeating local Hugh Zhang 6d, placing first out of 13 players in section A. The tournament is sponsored by Ing’s Goe Foundation.
WINNER’S REPORT: 19X19 Section A (6D-3D) 1st place: Andrew Lu; Section B (2D-1D) 1st place: Daniel Liu; Section C (1k-5k) 1st place: April Ye; Section D (6k–13k) 1st place: Alan Hwang; Section E (14k-17k) 1st place: Patrick Wang; Section F (18k-20k) 1st place: Oscar Li; Section G (21k-27k) 1st place: Dyson Ye; Section H (28k-29k) 1st place: Raymond Chen; Section I (29k) 1st place: Jason Chu; Section J (29k) 1st place: Jeffrey Chu. 13X13 Section A, 1st place: Dikaios Wang; Section B, 1st place: Jeffrey Xiong; Section C, 1st place: Andrew Korea; Section D, 1st place: Valerie Kuo.

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