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Monday November 15, 2010

The annual Berlin Go-week kicks off this Friday in Germany and features two major tournaments and lectures by top professionals. The Go to Innovation tournament runs November 19-21 and features a 3,000-euro prize pool and top players including Seok-Bin Cho 7d, In-Seong Hwang 7d, Viktor Lin 5d and Javier-Aleksi Savolainen 5d. Board 1 games will be broadcast live by EuroGoTV on KGS. Next week there will be a “super mega simul” as well as lectures by Sung-Ji Hong 8P (photo; he defeated Sedol Lee 9P and Changho Yi 9P recently), Young-Sun Yoon 8P and Ju-Yeon Ko 8P. Young-Sun Yoon 8P will do commentary on the 2010 Berlin Championship final, broadcast by EuroGoTV live on KGS. The Kranich tournament, one of the biggest tournaments in Germany, wraps up Berlin Go-week, and includes commentary by strong players like Young-Sun Yoon 8P, a party, calligraphy course, sushi and an Empty Triangle stand.
- Harry Weerheijm, EuroGoTV

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