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Monday November 15, 2010

Andy Liu 7D (r) defeated Curtis Tang, Eric Lui and Hugh Zhang in the November 13-14 North American BC Card Cup qualifier. Liu will be the U.S. representative at the third BC Card Cup, which will be held in Korea in January 2011. The qualifier was held on KGS and nearly 400 watched the final match online. Click here for complete results. Sponsored by Korea’s leading credit card company, the BC Card Cup features a strong field, including Korean insei. Liu was the 2006 US Open champion and 2009 NAIM champion and has clearly been maintaining his go strength while studying at New York University. “Mid-January is a good time,” Liu told the E-Journal, confident in his upcoming performance in Korea.
CREDITS: Online associate TD’s: Yixian Zhou 7d, Binquan Wang 5d, Wei Sun 5d, Yue Zhang 7d. KGS Go Server. N.A. BC Card Cup TD: Zhiyuan ‘Edward’ Zhang. photo by John Pinkerton

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