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YOUR MOVE: READERS WRITE: Accessing Member’s Content I & II

Thursday November 4, 2010

ACCESSING MEMBER’S CONTENT (I): “I became an AGA member yesterday online,” writes Benoît Cordoba. “I think the notice said that I would receive membership credentials in the mail but I was also under the impression that I could browse existing magazine issues online, presumably with a logon credential.  Is there such a logon credential for members.  I am especially interested in reading the article by Michael Redmond that was advertised on the site.” Thanks for your query and thanks also for becoming a member of the American Go Association. We’re currently compiling all our 2010 member content so that it can be easily accessed by our members; currently each week’s material must be separately accessed. The compilation — including the Redmond commentaries — is due to be published soon; we appreciate your patience.
ACCESSING MEMBER’S CONTENT (II) “How do you download the Special Editions?” writes an AGA member. The Yearbook Special Editions are PDFs, so you need to click on the link provided and then when the PDF opens on your computer, you can review it and then save it on your computer for later use.