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UK TOURNAMENT REPORTS: October 17 – December 4

Monday December 20, 2010

WEST SURREY HANDICAP: December 4. Despite the snow the tournament happened, a small cosy affair with only 13 entrants and 3 power cuts. It was won by Sue Paterson with 4/4; she beat Jonathan Reece (3/4) in the final round. Also on 3 were Philippe Bourrez and Max Bourget, and on 2.5 Dawn Street. The 13*13 was won by Xinyi Lu on 9/9 wins. Pits was won by Sue Paterson and the ‘identify the birds quiz’ by Tony Atkins. After the tournament, 6 of the players had a pleasant and filling meal at a nearby curry restaurant. West Surrey Go club wishes to thank all those who made the effort to attend in the face of the all the snow.
EAST MIDLANDS: November 27. Despite overnight snow, 61 players managed to take part in the East Midlands Tournament at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Top of the list of prize winners was Jon Diamond. The list also contained Helen Harvey, Andre Cockburn, Matei Mandache, Matt Marsh, Ben Haines, Mark Wrangham, Mark Eddy and Andrew Russell. Winners of the 13×13 side competition were Aston’s Hamzah Reta and Ibraheem Mustafa.
BRITISH SMALL BOARD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Cambridge, November 21. Andrew Simons took the national Small Board Champion’s title and £50 prize at the 17-player tournament in Cambridge, winning 6 out of 8. Prizes for 5 out of 8 went to Anna Griffiths, Pauline Bailey, Steve Bailey, Langdon Truscott and Peran Truscott. There were special prizes for juniors. Top junior was Adan Mordcovich (5kyu Wanstead) winning the £20 prize and second was Roella Smith (Cambridge) winning the £10 prize.
THREE PEAKS: Grange-over-Sands, November 13-14. The Three Peaks Tournament stayed for a second time down by the sea in Grange-over-Sands. 48 players took part and Matthew Cocke topped the results list for a third time in a row. Brian Timmins was the only other player to win all 5 games. Alex Kent and Ben Riddell from Durham, and Adrian Abrahams from Lancaster won 4 games each.
COVENTRY: November 6. Matthew Macfadyen held on to his local title by winning the Coventry Tournament. Andrew Kay was second and Nick Krempel was third. Winning 3/3 were Mike Charles (1 kyu St Albans), Jack Ley (4 kyu Warwick), Ben Falconer (5 kyu Warwick), Jonathan Green (6 kyu Leamington) and James Brownrigg (9 kyu Chester). 44 took part.
WESSEX: October 31. 34 players took part in the 41st Wessex. It was won by Andrew Kay (4 dan Durham). Division 2 was won by Christian Scarff (1 dan Swindon), Division 3 by Helen Harvey (2 kyu Manchester) and Division 4 by Dick Norton (7 kyu Manchester).
SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIP: KGS, October 24. David Lee beat Matt Crosby in the 2010 Scottish Championship. The third game was played on KGS on 24th October and a win on time gave David the title 2-1.
LONDON INTERNATIONAL TEAMS (AUTUMN): October 17 Mannami Kana, 4p, helped the Nippon Club team win the Autumn London International Teams. Miss Mannami was in London to help the Nippon Club celebrate its 50th anniversary and was honoured guest at the tournament. As well as helping Mr Tanaka and Mr Nao win the event, she gave a commentary on the previous week’s British Title game two (the first of two wins for Matthew Macfadyen against Vanessa Wong). Winning the new handicap sections were the St Albans team and the South London/City team.
- as reported in the December edition of the British Go Association newsletter;
more information on upcoming UK tournaments is available here.

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