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Member’s Edition: Alex Dinerchtein 3P KGS Insei League Game Commentary

Monday January 17, 2011

KGS Insei League


W: ErgoProxy 6d (Javier Savolainen)
B: Yen-Wei Huang 7d
Commentary by Alex Dinerchtein 3P
Published in the January 17, 2011 edition of the American Go E-Journal

Yen-Wei Huang, PhD student at University of Illinois,  (AGA 7d) won the December Insei League (supergroup) with a perfect score. This is one of the deciding games. Yen-Wei has decided to join the team of the Insei League teachers. He will teach and play with DGS inseis, replacing Natalya Kovaleva, Russian 6d. It was hard for Natalya to play 40 DGS games straight, so she went down from DGS 5d to DGS 2d after losing most of her games in the autumn league. For DGS inseis it will be harder to fight with Yen-Wei, who is currently DGS ranking #1 and 7d DGS.

The new DGS season started on January, 11; it’s still possible to register online.

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