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AGF Upgrades Shipping Services

Monday February 21, 2011

The American Go Foundation (AGF) has moved into a new warehouse in Colorado. With a continuously expanding number of school-based go programs, AGF warehousing and shipping activities were being stretched to the limit at their former location in Pennsylvania. New and inexpensive items from China had become available in quantity, but a loading dock was needed in order to receive these shipments. In mid-December, after months of preparation, a truck rolled up to the loading dock at Key Fulfillment, a Colorado-based order fulfillment specialist, and offloaded fourteen pallets of boards, stones, magazines, and other paraphernalia the AGF uses in it’s educational efforts.  Key has hundreds of customers, and a staff of 40, but provides customized packaging and shipping with a computerized inventory system.  Mail sorting can be seen in the photo above, and hundreds of pallets are stored in giant racks in the rear.  Central to the AGF  move was a need to accommodate an additional 23 pallets of Hikaru no Go Manga, which is being donated by Winston Jen (see Jen Donates in this issue). The AGF would like to publicly acknowledge Marilyn Campbell, their one-woman fulfillment department who has helped supply go teachers and organizers for the past ten years, and Chuck Robbins, who hosted their shipping operation for many years at his business, CT Inc. and arranged to ship their inventory to Colorado.  For more updates on AGF operations, check out their newsletter Sensei.  
- Roy Laird, with Paul Barchilon.  Photo by Paul Barchilon

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