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Traveling Board: GalapaGo

Friday February 18, 2011

Just back from Ecuador and the Galapagos, former American Go Association President Terry Benson reports that “I didn’t have a go board but I did have my iPhone with the SmartGo app. The problems kept me occupied in airports and ports and odd times. The touch board — especially for playing 9×9 — is great. And it’s not a bad opponent, either; at two stones on the 9×9, I have to be cleaver to win.” While visiting the Galapagos, Benson showed the game to Dan Matzat of Chicago. “I had to get a picture after I thought of ‘GalapaGo’,” said Benson. “Here we are playing at ‘Los Gemelos’ on Santa Cruz island. Dan had never heard of the game but enjoyed it.”

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