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Young Kwon Tourney Winner’s Report

Monday February 14, 2011

Nearly 300 watched 2010 NAIM champion Huiren Yang 1P and newcomer Zhanbo Sun 2P (see our profile elsewhere in this edition) battle it out February 5 in the Young Kwon National Online Tournament February 5 final on KGS. After several complicated battles and unfathomable trades, Sun managed to squeeze a 5.5-point victory to sweep the tournament, while Calvin Sun took second place in the tie-breaker. The tournament’s prize purse was donated by Young Kwon, with dan certificates generously supplied by the Korean Baduk Association, through coordination by Myungwan Kim 9P. KGS-AGA liaison is Akane Negishi; Assistant tournament directors were Binquan Wang, Hua Lin, Xingshuo Liu, Zhenying Gu and Jon Boley. Tournament directors were Chris Kirschner, Yixian Zhou and Zhiyuan ‘Edward’ Zhang.  Winners are pictured at right:
UPPER ROW (l-r): Bryan Tan (19-23k), Tengxiao Yang (6d), Gordon Castanza (8-10k), Calvin Sun (6d), Martin Field (5-7k), Tom Xu (4-5d), Dan Bensky (19-23k), Henry Zhang (1-2k)
LOWER ROW (l-r): Ze-Li Dou (1-3d), Zhanbo Sun 7d+), Tommaso Mason (11-13k), Young Kwon, Yunxuan Li (1-3d), Dazhi Xu (4-5d)
COMPLETE WINNER’S LIST: 7d+: Zhanbo Sun, Calvin Sun; 6d: Hugh Zhang (awarded Korean Baduk Association, KBA 6d), Tengxiao Yang; 4-5d: Dazhi Xu, Tom Xu; 1-3d: Ze-Li Dou (awarded KBA 4d), Yunxuan Li; 1-2k: Donald Allison (awarded KBA 1d); Henry Zhang; 3-4k: Larry Qu, Sile Chen; 5-7k: Martin Field, Stephen Allen; 8-10k: Thomas Giles, Gordon Castanza; 11-13k: Julian Erville, Tommaso Mason; 14-18k: Jerry Lu, Tristin Tran; 19-23k: Bryan Tan, Dan Bensky; 23-35k: Jonathon Hu.

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