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Michael Redmond 9P OK in Post-Quake Japan

Monday March 14, 2011

“I survived the earthquake!” Michael Redmond 9P told the E-Journal on Friday from Japan. We’ve also heard from our colleague at Ranka, editor Ivan Vigano, who says “Everything is OK here (in Nagoya), just a very long shake,” though he adds that he’s very concerned about the rapidly-developing situation at Fukushima’s nuclear power station. Popular EJ columnist Kaz Furuyama say’s “In Tokyo we are not out of power fortunately… at least so far.” And on the day of the earthquake (March 11), Cho U 9P was able to capture his second Kisei title in a row against Iyama Yuta 9P, winning the series 4-2; see Cho U Wins the 35th Kisei in today’s World Go News section for the complete report. We’ll continue to post updates here and on Twitter about how the go community in Japan is managing post-quake; please email us your news at

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