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Sung Yeo 4d Solves Chi Riddle

Sunday March 6, 2011

Sung Yeo 4d solved the “Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery” tournament held March 5 in Chicago, Ill, taking top honors. “I asked everyone to play in the spirit, and with the enthusiasm, of Yoshi Sawada (IN MEMORIAM: Yoshi Sawada 2/28). To remember that go is fun,” reports TD Bob Barber. “Although on crutches, and dulled by painkillers, Mark Rubenstein managed to win four of his five games,” Barber notes. “Adding a bit of color to the tournament, Peter Martin and Asha Nagaiya drove in from Louisville, KY to compete,” Barber added. “Finally, over pizza and local brew Half Acre, Kyle Blocher entertained us with the endgame theories of Elwyn Berlekamp.” Each player was given a copy of O Rissei’s book Catching Scent of Victory, furnished by the publisher Hinoki Press.
WINNER’S REPORT: 29 players; 1st Place Dan:  YEO, Sung 4d; 1st Place High Kyu:  ROHDE, David 5k; Tie 2nd Place High Kyu:  KOLB, Laura 2k;  RUBENSTEIN, Mark 4k; 1st Place Low Kyu:  BROWN, Duncan 12k.

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