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Adspace Available in 2010 Go Yearbook

Sunday April 3, 2011

Advertisers in the American Go Yearbook now have an exciting opportunity to interactively promote their go-related products to readers of the American Go Yearbook. The 2010 Yearbook is being released as a PDF this year, enabling the inclusion of clickable links that take readers directly to websites. “So, for example, an advertiser can now not only include a clickable link to their main website but links to specific product pages they’d like to promote,” reports Yearbook Managing Editor Chris Garlock. Sections of the 2010 Yearbook are being released as they’re complete, with the entire Yearbook to be released upon completion of all the sections, and the Go Tools section — currently in production — will feature a wide selection of the E-Journal articles on go books, software and hardware, and is an especially good location for go-related ads this year. Deadline for ads in the Yearbook Go Tools section is April 17; email for rate and ad spec details.

Categories: U.S./North America