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MEMBER’S EDITION: Feng Yun 9P on the World Youth Qualifiers Final

Monday April 11, 2011

Today’s game review by Feng Yun 9P — created for E-Journal readers — covers the exciting final at last week’s World Youth Go Qualifiers.  Dark-horse candidate Vincent Zhuang 5d pulled off a series of upsets to square off against Andrew Lu 6d.  Zhuang, who doesn’t get to AGA rated tournaments very often, looks like he has made a major step forward.  He will be traveling to Romania to represent the US in the World Youth Go Championships (WYGC) in August, as a direct result of this win.  His last appearance at a physical event, six months ago in Portland, saw him defeat three 6-dans, including his father.  He also made a splash in November, winning the online AGHS Young Lions Tourney.   Zhuang has taken lessons from Feng Yun 9P over the internet, and it seems to be paying off.  Andrew Lu is a very strong contender, and represented the US in the WYGC in 2009.  Having faced Zhuang earlier in the tourney, and lost, he went on to knock out top rated Hugh Zhang 7d, and then had another chance at Zhuang in the double-elimination finals for this event.  Feng Yun’s insightful commentary shows multiple opportunities for both players to have changed the outcome, including several tesuji in late middle-game fighting. - Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor. This material is provided as a benefit of membership in the American Go Association; you are welcome to download as many copies for personal use as necessary; please do not distribute.


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