American Go E-Journal

Kids Get Ready For Go Camp

Monday May 23, 2011

As summer beckons, young go players across the country are looking forward to the annual Youth East Coast Go Camp. AGF Scholarships to the Camp are still available.  “If I get really strong at go camp I might be able to place in Go Congress… maybe even be an insei and then a pro.  Who knows? I also want to meet old friends, and make new ones,” wrote Chance Reimer in a previous scholarship essay.  “It was a great experience being around players as interested in go as I am,” wrote Matt Palumbo, “It was great to meet a pro too!  I liked all the people there, and made a new friend who I continue to keep in touch with.”  Parents like camp too: “The happiness he brought back from camp was radiating all over as soon as we picked him up from the airport, and his happiness is our happiness too,” wrote one parent after the event.   The AGA East Coast Go Camp will be held at the Madison Suites Hotel in Somerset, New Jersey, July 23-30. Mingjiu Jiang 7p and Yuan Zhou 7d will be the primary teachers.  For more information, visit the camp page here, or e-mail Mangual at
-Paul Barchilon, EJ Youth Editor.  Photo: Campers and staff at the 2009 Go Camp.