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Danny Ko Scores Second Coffee Cup

Monday June 6, 2011

It was a quiet, almost decaffeinated day in Santa Monica, with a turn-out of 30 players for the 5th Annual Santa Monica Coffee Cup on June 4.  “That’ll teach me to schedule it just before finals,” noted organizer Andy Okun.  First place went to Danny Ko 7d, who took home his second hand-painted victory mug and a pound of organic Peruvian coffee after winning a tough final-round game with second place finisher Calvin Sun 7d.  Third and fourth place in the top Espresso Division went to Yixian Zhou 6d and Andrew Lu 6d. Next year’s theme color is expected to be purple, Okun reports.
Other division winners were as follows.  Mocha Division: 1. Yunxuan Li 2d 2. Andrew Okun 1d 3. Jon Brown 2d.  4. Jack Cai 1k.  Java Division: 1. Andy Hong 5k 2. Jeff McLellan 4k 3. Ed Lee 3k 4. Andy Cheng 5k. Cappuccino Division: 1. Suttiat Boonchuen 8k 2. Joe Walters 8k 3. David Baran 8k 4. Cyris Sargon 8k.  Latte Division: 1. Susanna Pfeffer 13k 2. Tsutomu Sakanaka  12k 3. Zongli Huang 11k 4. Larry Gross 14k.
- photos by Andy Okun

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