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Monday July 11, 2011

The 2010 American Go Yearbook is being issued in an online PDF version only, and we’ve been releasing sections as they become available. See below for the nine sections already published; a single PDF will be published when the 2010 Yearbook is completed.

Year in Headlines
4-page PDF includes selected headlines and color photos from reports appearing in the American Go E-Journal in 2010.

Games, Commentaries & More
Includes all the Member’s Edition material published in the E-Journal in 2010. This online resource enables you to quickly find the material you’re looking for on a month-by-month list. Once selected, game records or PDFs open up quickly and easily for your review or download. This 2010 Yearbook collection also includes bonus files not originally included in the E-Journal.

8-page PDF includes samples of game commentaries by Michael Redmond 9P, puzzling life and death problems from Yilun Yang 7P, Haruyama Isamu 9P’s “Questions From Actual Play,” Kazunari Furuyama’s “Lessons With Kaz,” kyu game reviews by Yuan Zhou 7-dan, translations from Weiqi World, and excerpts from Go World appearing in the American Go E-Journal in 2010. Throughout the PDF we’ve included handy clickable links to the 2009 and 2010 game collections.

18-page full-color PDF report on the 31st annual World Amateur Go Championship held May 24-31 in Hangzhou, China. The Special Edition is a compilation of the coverage of the WAGC by the American Go E-Journal/Ranka Online team — suitable for online viewing or printing out — and includes reports, photos and embedded clickable links to game commentaries by Michael Redmond 9P and the complete online coverage by both the E-Journal and Ranka.

31-page full-color PDF report covers the 21st annual U.S. Go Congress, held August 1-8 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The American Go Yearbook Special Edition is a compilation of all the coverage of this year’s Congress by the American Go E-Journal and includes reports, photos and embedded clickable links to game commentaries by visiting professionals. Also included are clickable links to U.S. Open and Ing crosstabs.

Third American Go Yearbook Special Edition of the year covers the September 19-20 Cotsen Open in Los Angeles. The full-color 5-page Cotsen Open Special Edition — a members-only benefit for American Go Association members — compiles all the E-Journal’s 2010 Cotsen coverage, including clickable links to 20 game records — including several game commentaries — photos and the complete final winner’s report.

The Go Player’s Guide to the World
3-page PDF includes both of Paul Barchilon’s reports on teaching go in prison and Roy Laird’s report on the Chess and Checkers House in New York City’s Central Park. We’ve also included handy clickable links to our Go Player’s Guide to the World (aka The Traveling Board) reports from China last year as well, previously released in the 2010 WAGC special report.

Go Spotting
Go was spotted everywhere last year, from television shows to French novels and of course films. In Go Spotting, our latest 2010 American Go Yearbook release, we’ve collected our reports on go’s appearance in popular culture, from popular television shows like Criminal Minds to philosophy books — A Thousand Plateaus – as well as films — The Taste of Tea and The Warlords and a best-selling French novel, The Elegance of the Hedgehog and even a blog entry, Eyes of Wood, Hands of Stone, Heart of Paper.

AGA youth had a great year in 2010, and some of the highlights are compiled in the American Go Yearbook Youth section. From Team Tiger’s Mouth taking on the Internet Insei League, to Calvin Sun’s first-person account of his matches in the World Youth Go Championships (Sun finished fourth, beating out Japan, and we provide a commented game record from Team Leader Mingjiu Jiang 7P).  Other highlights of the Yearbook Youth section — which is twice as large in 2010 as it was in 2009 — include the Redmond Cup, with Curtis Tang 7d, named the new Redmond Meijin; highlights from the US Go Congress Youth Room, and reports on the School Team Tourney.

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