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Waldron Weds

Monday July 11, 2011

Phil Waldron (3rd from left)– former President of the Canadian Go Association and a longtime contributor to American go as well – tied the knot with Cindy Pearson on June 11 in Ottawa, Canada. “Thomas Hsiang (2nd from right) and Steve Colburn made it from Rochester, and I’m grateful to Keith Arnold (far left) for making the long trek from Baltimore to join us,” Waldron reports. “Cindy’s not a go player but has learned the rules.  She’s quite indulgent, however, and happily joined me at a tournament in Rochester last year when we were dating.  Having discovered the local shopping opportunities in the city, she may be convinced to do it again.  I think we’re unlikely to make the U.S. Go Congress this year, but next year looks like a much better possibility.”

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