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AGA to hold “Go Symposium” at 2012 Go Congress

Monday October 24, 2011

The American Go Association is sponsoring the 2012 International Go Symposium, a scholarly conference to explore go’s rich educational, cultural, historical, literary, artistic and scientific dimensions. Papers are now being accepted for presentation during next year’s U.S. Go Congress in Black Mountain, NC. Selected papers will be presented by their authors in 30-minute presentations, followed by interaction with the audience. The organizers are working on a way for authors to present remotely via Skype. Anyone can submit a paper for consideration. If you are interested in submitting a paper, contact Peter Shotwell, the well-known go author who is organizing this event, at Financial sponsorship is limited, although the organizers would welcome support for this effort to improve the understanding of go through study and discourse. The 2012 IGS joins an academic tradition of go study that began in 2001, with the First International Conference on Baduk, organized by the Department of Baduk Studies at Myong-ji University. To get an idea of what’s been presented at other conferences — and perhaps be inspired to submit your own paper — the 3rd ICOB,and the 2008 Symposium on the History of Go and the Representation of Go in Art and Literature have listed their programs online, although the presentations themselves are not available. For further information contact Shotwell at
- Roy Laird