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Your Move: Yearbook’s Hotlinks Updated

Monday October 24, 2011

A number of readers wrote in to advise us that not all the links in the 2010 American Go Yearbook (2010 American Go Yearbook Released 7/28/2011) were hotlinked. We’ve fixed the problem and uploaded and updated version of the Yearbook with clickable links. The 123-page full-color members-only PDF includes a wealth of material culled from last year’s reporting in the American Go E-Journal, as well as latest ratings, a list of AGA chapters, the 2009 Member’s Edition Collection and the 2010 Member’s Edition Collection. New material includes a 10-page Go Tools section covering go books, software and hardware; the 10-page Scoreboard section, with full-color photos from events held in 2010; a snapshot of ratings as of July 17; the top 50 players with most games/events from both 2010 and 1991-2010; bios, photos and contact info on America’s Teaching Professionals, and a photo gallery of U.S. Titleholders 2010.

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