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Chizu Kobayashi 5P Visits Seattle Go Center

Sunday February 5, 2012

Chizu Kobayashi 5P, the charming and enthusiastic Executive Director of the Nihon Ki-in, made a two-day visit to the Seattle area that combined teaching and administration. On Monday, Jan. 23, she visited the Microsoft campus,  gave a lecture,  and then went to the Seattle Go Center to meet with the Directors of the Center. On Tuesday, she toured the veterinary facilities of the Go Center’s new tenant, Companion Pet Care. She then gave lectures in the afternoon and evening at the Go Center. Over 50 people came for her talks, which included her fond memories of the founder of the Seattle Go Center, Iwamoto Kaoru, group go games, and go problems. Photo: Frank Fukuda of the Go Center and Chizu Kobayashi 5P start the evening lecture.  - photo/report by Brian Allen

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