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KGS Announces Meijin Tourney

Monday February 6, 2012

Beginning this year, KGS will crown one player as the KGS Meijin annually. January through October, there will be monthly qualifying tournaments on KGS. Each month the qualifiers will be at a different time and will have a different setup, some qualifiers will be open signup, others will require an established rank on KGS. In each tournament, one or more participants will earn eligibility for the Finals.  The Finals will run November through December. The final KGS Meijin winner will receive a cash prize and a special Meijin icon.  The February Qualifier will be held on February 25th & 26th, in American daytime “and we would like to encourage as many AGA members to join,” says KGS admin and Meijin Qualifier TD Akane Negishi (sweety). Click here for tournament details.


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