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New Jersey Open Coming Up Feb. 25-26

Monday February 20, 2012

Perhaps the biggest East Coast tournament of the year, the 53rd New Jersey Open Go Tournament is set for February 25/26 in Princeton, NJ. Last year over 100 players entered, from 30 kyu to some of the strongest amateurs in the U.S. While the tournament will be in the same site as last year –FristCampusCenter– it’s starting half an hour earlier than some prior years, and registration ends at 10a. “You must be there by 10a to be paired in the first round,” warns organizer Rick Mott. Pre-registration is not required, “but if you are reasonably sure you will attend please reply with your name and AGA ID, if you have one,” says Mott. “It will help us plan refreshments and speed up our data entry on Saturday morning.” Mott encourages beginning players to come, noting that “We make a special effort to make this event beginner-friendly, and have offered a beginner’s prize for many years.” Contact Mott at to register or for more info.

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