American Go E-Journal

Redmond Cup Open for Registration

Monday February 6, 2012

Young American go players can now sign up for the 19th annual Redmond Cup Tournament. Preliminary games will be played on the Internet, courtesy of IGS-PandaNet, and the four finalists will be invited to the 2012 US Go Congress to play the final games. There are two divisions in the Cup; the Junior league for kids under 12 years old, and the Senior league for those under 18, on August 1st 2012. Competitors in the Senior League must have an AGA rank of  1 dan or higher, in the Junior 5 kyu or stronger. The participants must be members of the American Go Association or the Canadian Go Association and either residents of the U.S., Canada or Mexico, or citizens of the United States living anywhere in the world, provided that they are also members of the AGA. The tournament director for the Redmond Cup is Michael Bull; Ing rules of Goe for all games. To register e-mail with your name, phone #, date of birth, AGA rating, IGS ID, and citizenship. The registration deadline is March 8, 2012. The Cup is sponsored by Michael Redmond 9P and his family, the American Go Association and the American Go Foundation. Photo: 2011 finalists, Aaron Ye 4d (l),  and Sammy Zhang 3d(r) compete at the US Go Congres in Santa Barbara. – Paul Barchilon, Youth Editor.