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Thawing “The Body Electric” in Chicago

Monday February 13, 2012

“Love was in the air for our Winter tournament,” reports Chicago go organizer Bob Barber, who directed the February 11 “I Sing the Body Electric” tournament. “Three young women playing in the tournament are getting married this year: Laura Kolb, Lisa Scott, and Karoline Burrall. We even got to meet two of the fiances, one of whom, Patrick Allen, also joined in the games.”

The 42-player field was “a record breaking turnout for our new location, the Go Center in Arlington Heights,” Barber told the E-Journal. “For a while, I thought some might have to play outside in the 19 degree weather.  The beauty part, as our pal Chester Zawacki used to say, is that with so many players, the handicaps were small.”

Players attended from Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky and Minnesota. “Those of us who attend the annual U.S. Go Congress were very happy to welcome Karoline Burrall (at left) to Illinois, where she’ll be studying and living for some years at least,” Barber added. “It was also gratifying to note that eight of the forty-two players were female.  Who said that go is an old man’s game?”


1st Place Dan:  ZHOU, Yinan, 5dTie 1st Place High Kyu: PUZAN, Daniel, 1k; SOLBERG, Richard, 2k
Tie 1st Place Mid Kyu:  MUSKOVITZ, David, 7k; BOYLAND, Peter, 8k
Tie 1st Place Low Kyu: ALAWI, Zaid, 10k; ANDERSON, Jennifer, 15k
photos: Daniel Smith (top right, bottom left); Mark Rubenstein (bottom right) 

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