American Go E-Journal

Hope Wins Tri-School Tourney

Monday April 2, 2012

The Hope School, in Portland OR, bested Irvington Elementary School and Sunstone Montessori in a three team, two game match on April 1st.  Hope won 6 games, Montesorri 5, and Irvington 1 – saved from a sweep by its top player, McCaleb Nessler-Cass 15k.  “One game was jigo on the board, so white won with a half point komi,” reports organizer Peter Freedman.  “I didn’t think one stone was very important,”  said a disappointed Ben Snead 20k, the player who lost.  “There’s a good lesson for a new player,” adds Freedman.  The Hope team was led by Louie Liu 1d, and included Edward Yu 16k, and Ethan Zhuang, all of whom won both games.  Vincent Zhuang 6d played teaching games with the odd man out. Winner’s Report: 1st place: Hope School; 2nd place: Sunstone Montessori; 3rd place: Irvington Elementary. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.