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How You Can Help American Go

Sunday June 10, 2012

“It’s been an exciting year for American go and you can help make the next one even bigger,” says Edward Zhang, Volunteer Coordinator for the American Go Association (AGA). “We currently have some key volunteer positions open and invite you to join us and serve our community.” Highlights of the past year include the new professional system, more online tournaments and a greater variety of services to members of the AGA. “As little as a couple hours a week can make a huge difference,” says Zhang. If you have skills or interests in any of the following areas, click here and Zhang will follow up to match your skills and available time to the organization’s needs: public relations, assistant tournament director, website, news writer, photography, translation, ratings, accounting, chapter services, awards. In addition to being part of helping improve the national go organization, volunteers receive rewards for contributing their time and energy.



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