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Free BadukTV Trial Sub Offer

Monday October 1, 2012

This month only, join or rejoin the American Go Association in October and get a free one-month trial subscription to BadukTV, a $50 value. BadukTV is the new online video service from GoGameGuru (GGG), featuring a live 24-video feed from BadukTV in Korea and a growing archive of English translations.  “Why are Asian players so good?” asks GGG founder David Ormerod. “Access to better quality information. In Asia, people can watch go 24 hours a day. We want to bring that experience to the English-speaking world. ” This valuable offer is available for a limited time: you must renew or join the AGA in October to receive your free one-month trial subscription. One trial per customer (sorry, not available to current BadukTV subscribers). AGA members also get the Member’s Edition of the American Go E-Journal, which includes game commentaries. Click here  to find out more about AGA membership or BadukTV. GGGBadukTV works fine on most mobile devices too; note that the BadukTV iTunes app, a completely separate product, only provides the live feed in Korean, not the English-language features, and is not associated with GGG BadukTV.

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