American Go E-Journal

Member’s Edition: Lessons with Kaz: On Fighting (part II)

Tuesday October 16, 2012


Published in the October 16, 2012 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

In this follow up lesson, Kaz continues to explore common fighting mistakes that even mid-dan players regularly make.  But any player from 8 kyu to 4 dan can benefit from Kaz’s advice.

A longtime contributor to the American Go E-Journal, former insei Kazunari Furuyama has returned with his popular EJ column, now in sgf files and re-named “Lessons with Kaz”.  Kaz co-authored Kiseido’s “Get Strong at Joseki”, volumes 2 and 3 and is now teaching on KGS Plus.  For more material and information, see Kaz’s website.

Play through the following game to encounter numerous early fighting problems to solve.
1st problem:  White to play.