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EuroGoTV Updates: November 18-22

Saturday November 24, 2012

Hungarian Open Championship 2012 (11/22): The Hungarian Open Championship, played 11/17-18 in Budapest, Hungary, was won by Pal Balogh 6d (right), in second was Csaba Mero 6d and third was Koichiro Habu 4d… Romanian Team Championship- FINAL 2012 (11/22): Romanian Team Championship- FINAL 2012, played on 11/10-11 in Brasov, Romania, was won by Lucretiu Calota 5d (left), in second was Ionel Santa 2d and third was Florin Laurentiu 1k… EuroGoTV is looking for a Sales Manager (11/21): EuroGoTV is looking for a sales and marketing representative; for more details contact… Super broadcast weekend November 23-25 (11/21): This weekend 4 mayor tournaments will be relayed to both KGS and EuroGoTV. The Berline Kranich, Finals of the Russian Championship, Tournament for Three Golden Ounces and the title Go Baron, and The Finnisch Korean Ambassadors Cup… UCC Open 2012 (11/20): The UCC Open 2012, played on 11/17-18 in Cork, Republic of Ireland, was won by Kim Ouweleen 4d, in second was Gavin Rooney 3d and third was Claal Roever 2k… Bielsko-Biala 2012 (11/20): The Bielsko-Biala, played on 11/17 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, was won by Marcel Zantman 4k, in second was Tomasz Posolec 5k and third was Bogdan Kruk 4k… 15. Go to Innovation 2012 (11/20): The 15. Go to Innovation, played on 11/16-18 in Berlin, Germany, was won by Jin Zou 6d, in second was Ondrej Silt 6d and third was Lukas Podpera 5d… Galati- Romanian Cup under 1kyu 2012 (11/20): The Galati- Romanian Cup under 1kyu, played on 11/16 in Galati, Romania, was won by Sandu Teodor 2k, second was Iulian Ilie 2k and third was Elian Ioan Grigoriu 2k… 460th Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament 2012 (11/19): The 460th Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament, played on 11/17 in Velika Gorica, Croatia, was won by Zvonko Bednjanec 3k, in second was Mladen Smud 1k and third was Drazen Odobasic 18k… Gosente Mini Handicap Tournament 2012 (11/19): The Gosente Mini Handicap Tournament, played on 11/17 in Riga, Latvia, was won by Juris Caics 5k, in second was Dmitrij Kravchenko 3k and third was Natalia Nikulina 14k… The Finnish Championship League 2012 (11/19): The Finnish Championship League 2012, played on 11/16-18 in Vantaa, Finland, was won by Juri Kuronen 5d, secound was Antti Tormanen 6d and third was Javier-Aleksi Savolainen 5d… Yunguseng Dojang opens up registration for its 5th season (11/18): 100% Internet-based program, operated by In-seong Hwang 8 Dan, has been running successfully for over a year-and-a-half. And with 70 members in the current season, it has quickly become one of the largest online go schools in Europe with five major key feature among which are five games personally reviewed games by In-seong himself.
- excerpted from EuroGoTV, which includes complete winner reports, crosstabs and photos. Edited by Taylor Litteral

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