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EuroGoTV Updates: October 13-November 7

Saturday November 10, 2012

Trofeo Milano (11/07): The Trofeo Milano, played in Milano, Italy on 11/03 was won by Paolo Montrasio 1k; in second place was Gionata Soletti 4k and in third was Stefano Cavalieri 5K… Cluji Romanian Cup semifinal (11/06): The Romanian Cup Semifinal, played 11/3-4 in Cluji, Romania, was won by George Ganguta 1d, second was George Ghetu 3d and third was Sergiu Burzo 2d… The Austrian open 2012 (11/05): The Austrian Open 2012, played on 11/03 in Vienna, Austria, was won by Viktor Lin 5d (right), in second was Ondrej Silt 6d and third was Pavol Lisy 6d… Japanischer Generalkonsul-Pokal (11/05): The Japanischer Generalkonsul-Pokal, played 11/3-4 in Duesseldorf, Germay, was won by Franz-Josef Dickhut 6d, in second was Matthias Terwey 4d and in third was Bernd Radmacher 4d… Odense November 2012 (11/05): The Odense November 2012, played 11/03 in Odense, Denmark, was won by Kjeld Petersen 2k, in second was Ari Hietanen 1k and third was John Nielsen 6k… Berlin Go week 2012: Berlin Go week 2012 (left), held in Berlin Germany, 11/16-8; noted participants will include In-Seong Hwang 8d, Zou Jin 6d and Ondrej Silt 6d who will be playing it out for a first place prize of 1000 Euro… Goeteborg Open 2012 (11/01): Goeteborg Open 2012, played on 10/27-28 in Goeteborg, Sweden, was won by Antti Tormanen 6d (right, middle), in second Jannik Rasmussen 4d and third was Charlie Aakerblom 4d… The Oulun Syksy 2012 (11/01): The Oulun Syksy 2012, played on 10/27-28 in Oulu, Finland, was won by Janne Kosso 4d, in second Ville Ainali 4d and third was Mikko Nevala 4d… The Romanian Cup Preliminaries 1/2 CSRB (11/01): The Romanian Cup Preliminaries 1/2 CSRB, played on 10/27-28 in Bucuresti, Romania, was won by Sergiu Dan Iugulescus 2d, in second was Valentin Popa 2d and third was Alexandru Filippi 4k… Cluj- October club tournament 2012 (10/30): The Cluj- October club tournament, played on 10/31 in Cluj, Romania, was won by Mihai 18k, in second was Anadu Gherghel 19k and third was Horatiu Radulescu 20k… Wessex 2012 (10/30): The Wessex, played on 10/28 in Bath, United Kingdom, was won by Richard Hunter 3d, in second was Paul Christies 2d and third was Sandy Taylor 2d… 32 Turnieju VILO 2012 (10/30): The 32 Turnieji VILO, played 10/27 in Bydgoszcz, Poland, was won by Maksym Walaszewski 4k, in second was Szymon Tadrzak 8k and third was Krzysztof Przysada 12k… Indis (Inter-District Tournament) (10/30): The Indis, played on 10/13 to 10/28 in Amstelveen, Netherlands, was won by Michiel Tel 4d (left, bottom), in second was Andread Drost 4d and third was Siu Hong Chung 3d… Gosente Mini Handicap Tournament (10/29): Gosente Mini Handicap Tournament, played on 10/28 in Riga, Latvia, was won by Ingars Ribners 14k, in Second was Martins Livens 4k and third was Natalia Nikulina 13k… Mannheimer Aji 2012 (10/29): The Mannheimer Aji 2012, played 10/27 to 10/28 in Mannheim, Germany, was won by Matthias Terwey 4d (right, bottom), Anton Grzeschniok 3d and third was Hai Lin 4d… Irish Ladder, October (10/29): Irish Ladder, October played 10/17 to 10/27 in Various, Republic of Ireland, was won by Rory Wales 2k, in second was John Gibson 3k and third was Eoghan Barrry 3k… 459th Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament (10/28): The 459th Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament, played on 10/27 in Velika Gorica, Croatia, was won by Robert Jovicic 2k, in second was Marko Ugarcina 6k and third was Mladen Smud 1k… 38. Leipziger Bergmannsturnier (Gruppe B) (10/28): The 38. Leipziger Bergmannsturnier, played 10/13-14 in Leipzig, Germany, was won by Paul Gruenler 15k, in second was Gunnar Wurl 10k and third was Tony Ritter 18k… 38. Bergmannturnier (Gruppe A) (10/28): The 38. Bergmannturnier (Gruppe A) played 10/13-14 in Leipzig, Germany, was won by Jens Henker 4d, in second was Stephan Thober 2d and third was David Diering 3d.
- excerpted from EuroGoTV, which includes complete winner reports, crosstabs and photos. Edited by Taylor Litteral

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