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U.S. Defeats Finland in Int’l Amateur Pair Go First Round, Loses to Czechs in Second

Saturday November 3, 2012

The U.S. team of Amy Su and Lionel Zhang (left) drew Finland for its first round game at the International Amateur Pair Go  competition in Tokyo on November 3. The Finns, Eliza Pieniniemi and Antti Tormanen, chose black, “but after an unusually quiet game, the U.S. won comfortably,” reports Allan Abramson. “Sunday brings four intense rounds, so the U.S. has its work cut out to finish strong.” Click here for live game broadcasts and results.
This just in (11:30p EST 11/3): The U.S. team lost its second-round game to the strong Czech team, while China lost its first two games  to Ukraine and Japan (11/4 correction; the Chinese team was unable to attend, so these were forfeits, not on-the-board losses); Korea and Chinese Taipei look strong at 2-0. photo by Allan Abramson 

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