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EuroGoTV: December 20

Saturday December 22, 2012

Alpar Kilinc Go Turnuvasi: The 2012 Alpar Kilinc Go Turnuvasi, played from 12-15/16 in ODTU – Ankara, Turkey, was won by Bertan Bilen 2d, second was Giray Erdi 2d and third was Fatih Sulak 2d (photo Ertug Akkol 1d)… Braila- Junior City Championship 2012: The Braila- Junior City Championship 2012, played on 12/15 in Braila, Romania, was won by Theodor Tomas 2d, second was Albert Trifan 13k and third was Ana Ruxandra Gavriliu 17k… Moscow Cup Semifinal: The Moscow Cup Semifinal, played from 12/15-16 in Moscow Russia, was won by Vjacheslav Kajmin 2d, second was Ivan Bojkov 1k and third was Sofia Mazlova 1d… Torneo di Udine: The third Torneo di Udine, played on 12/16 in Udine, Italy, was won by Leonardo Giuliato 3k, second was Andres Saro 4k and third was Dusan Milavec 5k… SRP go-tournament: The 11th SRP go-tournament, played on 12/16 in Zagreb, Croatia, was won by Kristina Sicaja 20k, second was Tomislav Spoljaric 20k third Karlo Caic 20k… Austrian Championship Finals: the champion has yet to be decided; 2011 champion Schayan Hamrah and Viktor Lin both scored 4 wins each in the finals and will play a best-of-three match to determine the winner; go newbie Markus Flenner made an impressive video of the event, with Christina Colin starring as a reporter… Karelia Championship: The Championship of Karelia, played from 12/08-09 in Petrozavodsk, Russia, was won by Vladimir Shvecov 3d, second was Ivan Kulikovskij 5d (left) and third was Nikolaj Zajcev 3d… Cup of Perm Region: The Cup of Perm Region, played from 12/08-09 in Perm, Russia, was won by Segej Pavlov 3d, second was Alexej Solovskij 2d and third was Segej Sonin 2d… Championship of Novosibirsk: The Championship of Novosibirsk, played from 12/08-09 in Novosibirsk, Russia, was won by Roman Li 4d, second was Vitalij Radnaev 1d and third was Pavel Pristupa 1d… Kurgan Championship: The Championship of Kurgan, played from 12/01-02 in Kurgan, Russia, was won by Oleg Novikov 2d, second was Sergej Sonin 2d and third was Kirill Radaev 1k… Izhevsk Open Cup: The Open Cup of Izhevsk, played from 12/01-02 in Izhevsk, Russia, was won by Jurij Beljaev 3d, second was Igor Nemlij 5d (right) and third was Sergej Korolev 1k… - adapted from EuroGoTV, which includes winner reports, crosstabs, game records and photos. Edited by Taylor Litteral

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