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EuroGoTV Update: December 08

Saturday December 8, 2012

La Pedra Diciembre 2012: The La Pedra Diciembre, played on 12/01 in Barcelona, Spain, was won by Carles Mitjans 6k, in second was Gerard Morera 7k and third was Bruno Domenjoud 16k… Serbian women Go championship 2012: The Serbian women Go championship 2012, played on 12/01 in Nis, Serbia, was won by Marta Jorgacevic 9k, second was Maja Mitic 17k and third was Bilijana Mirkovic 20k… 38th Serbian championship: The 38th Serbian championship (r), played from 11/30-12/02 in Nis, Serbia, was won by Dusan Mitic 6d, second was Lazar Manjlovic 5d and third was Milosav Jukic 5d… Ukrainian Championship (Hight League) 2012 (12/05): The Ukrainian Championship (Hight League) 2012, played from 11/24-12/02 in Kyiv, Ukraine, was won by Andrii Kravets 6d (left), second was Bohdan Zhurakovskyi 5d and thrid was Volodymyr Kokozei 4d… Austrian Championship Finals 2012: The Austrian Championship Finals 2012, took place last weekend; Schayan Hamrah 4d and defending his title of Austrian Champion managed to defeat tournament favorite Viktor Lin 5, but Schayan lost to last year’s runner up Martin Unger 3d in a previous round, Schayan and Viktor will play the decisive game in two weeks to determine the Austrian Champion 2012… Offene Trierer Jugendmeisterschaft 2012: The Offene Trierer Jugendmeisterschaft 2012 played on 12/02 in Trier, Germany, was won by Emanuel Schaaf 9k, in second was Ryoichi Katoh 6k and third was Yu-Kai Law 7k… La Carboneria 2012: The La Carboneria, played on 12/01 in Sevilla, Spain, was won by Raul Aguilera 7k, second was Adrian Dominguez 9k and third was Miguel Cases 10k… Cyprus Go Championship 2012 (r): Dimitris Regginos 1d successfully defended Cyprus Go Championship title 12/01-02 in Nicosia, Cyprus (report/photo by EJ Cyprus correspondent Nicholas Roussos). Polish Championship Side Tournament 2012: The Polish Championship Side Tournament, played from 12/01-02 in Katowice, Poland, was won by Dariusz Bednarczyk 3k, second was Marcel Zantman 4k and in thrid was Tomasz Podolec 4k… SirDango-Turnajaiset 2012: The SirDango-Turnajaiset 2012, played on 12/01 in Vantaa, Finland, was won by Eetu Erkkila 1d, second was Olli Pulkkinen 1d and third was Eerika Norvio 1k… 461st Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament 2012: The 461st Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament, played on 12/01 in Velika Gorica, Croatia, was won by Mladen Smud 1k, second was Robert Jovicic 2k and third was Nikola Primetica 4k… Polish Championship League 2012: The Polish Championship League, played from 11/29-12/02 in Katowice, Poland, was won by Stanislaw Frejlak 4d, second was Krzysztof Giedrojc 4d and third was Kamil Chwedyna 4d… Korean Ambassador`s Cup 2012: The Korean Ambassador`s Cup, played from 11/24-25 in Espoo, Finland was won by Juri Kuronen 5d, in second was Juusi Nyyssonen 4d (photo) and third was Pekka Lukkari 4d… 6th Nostalgic Cup 2012: The 6th Nostalgic Cup, played from 11/24-25 in Budapest, Hungary, was won by Bulcsu Fajszi 8k, second was Gergely Meszaros 2k and third was Judit Bovizne Detre 19k…
- adapted from EuroGoTV, which includes winner reports, crosstabs, game records and photos. Edited by Taylor Litteral

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