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Updates: NAGC Adds $1,000 Team Prize; Catalin Taranu 5P Joins U.S. Pros in 10-Game Series

Friday December 21, 2012

The best-performing team at the February 8-17 N.A. Go Convention will win a $1,000 prize, reports organizer Edward Zhang.“All you need to do is to team up with some friends and play the best go in your division,” Zhang says. A minimum of seven players fulfills team eligibility. Players will still play the 6 or 8-round weekend tourney individually, and as in the Cotsen Open, a team score will be calculated. To get the early registration discounted rate, register before 12/25 and you can add the team name later. Early registrants will also receive a go book.

Romanian pro Catalin Taranu 5P will join U.S. professionals Andy Liu and Gansheng Shi in the 10-game series against Sedol Lee sponsored by the new server (New Go Server Launches With 10 Top Pros in $100,000 Invitational). The league will run from the end of January to April, and includes Lee Sedol, Lee Changho, Kong Jie, Xie He, Chen Yaoye, Park Junghwan, Kim Jisuk, Park Younghoon and Shi Yue.



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