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Xuyu Xiang 7D Wins Phoenix Chinese Week Go Open as Year of the Snake Dawns

Tuesday February 12, 2013

After almost seven hours of intense competition, Xuyu Xiang 7D (at left in photo) won the 2013 Phoenix Chinese Week (PCW) Go Open on February 10 in Phoenix, AZ. Held on the Chinese New Year’s Day at the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix, this was the ninth year for the PCW Open. Eighteen go players ranging from 15k to 7D competed in four divisions “and celebrated the Year of the Snake,” reports organizer Quan Li. “We had some young kids as well as a senior player close to 70 years old.” The Open attracted many spectators, Li reports, and winners were presented with specially-designed medals featuring a ying-yang logo made of titanium. “Every player enjoyed the games and friendship with other players,” Li adds, “We will meet again in the Year of the Horse.”

Results: Xuyu Xiang 7D was undefeated to win 1st place in Division A (high dan); Jason Lin 5D won 2nd place.  Joshua Simmons 2D — also with straight wins – took 1st place in Division B (low dan & high kyu), Bill Gundberg 1k won 2nd place, Eric Lin 2D and Jeffrey Luo 2k shared 3rd place.  Jared Hogrefe 5k, Richard Hardy 5k and Demir Zoroglu 4k won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively in Division C (mid kyu).  Shane Edey, Denis Liu and Chiu Ly won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Division D (low kyu), respectively.  Note that Denis and Chiu are 11-year-old kids.
photo: Xuyu Xiang (l) playing Jason Lin; photo by Quan Li


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