American Go E-Journal

Member’s Edition: Feng Yun 9P on A Missed Attack

Tuesday March 26, 2013


White:  Aaron Ye 5d
Black:  Qiu Wei 5d

Commentary:  Feng Yun 9p
Game Editor:  Myron Souris, Paul Barchilon
Published in the March 26, 2013 edition of the American Go E-Journal

This match, from the recently completed Brunei Friendship cup, highlights solid playing from Aaron Ye 5d of the US, and Qiu Wei 5d of Canada.  The tournament, organized by the American Go Honor Society, features youth teams from the US, Canada, and Brunei/SE Asia.  The South East Asian groups fielded two teams, and the US and Canada one each.  The US placed first in this event, while Canada, hampered by forfeits in their rengo matches, placed last.  The tournament format is unique.  Each nation fields five individuals, and two rengo teams (pair go without the gender requirements).  To win against another nation four or more wins must be scored out of the seven games.  Full results from the match are here.

Even though both of the strong juniors in this game play solidly and conservatively throughout, Feng Yun shows how White misses an opportunity to attack to decide the game.

Feng Yun is one of only a handful of women to attain the top rank of 9 dan professional.  She has trained hundreds of young go players at her school in New Jersey.