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Bartel & Zimmerman Dominate Lancaster, PA Instant-Pairing Tournament; NOVA School’s Out Tournament

Monday June 24, 2013

Bartel & Zimmerman Dominate Lancaster, PA Instant-Pairing Tournament: Marie Bartel 14k notched five wins against six opponents and Sam Zimmerman 5k racked up six wins against five opponents in the June 22 Lancaster (PA) Summer Ratings Tournament’s instant pairing format, which allowed players to start their next game almost immediately after finishing a game. Though the field was just seven players, first-time tournament director Jason Long said “Of course we would like to see a larger attendance, but those who came had fun and made the event a success!”

NOVA School’s Out Tournament: Two dozen players ranging from 6-dan to 21-kyu participated in the NOVA School’s Out Tournament on June 22. “In a striking demonstration of rating parity, only five players scored three or four wins,” reports TD Allan Abramson. James Pinkerton 4d, 4-0; Edward James Lane 9k, 4-0; Jonathan Barlow 15k, 4-0; and Gary Smith 9k, 3-1. David Reed 5k, scored 2-0 playing only two games, earning an honorable mention.

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