American Go E-Journal

Member’s Edition: Andy Liu 1P on Efficient Plays

Tuesday June 25, 2013


White:  Sean He (AGA 5d)
Black:  Eric Lee (AGA 5d)
Commentary:  Andy Liu 1p
Game editor:  Myron Souris
Published in the June 25, 2013 edition of the American Go E-Journal

In this game between mid-dan amateurs, Andy Liu 1p gives multiple examples of the one word that describes pro moves:  efficiency!

Andy Liu 1P first came to the attention of the US go community when he was just 11 years old, winning the Junior Division of the Redmond Cup in 2002.  Ranked 7 dan by the age of 15, he surprised everyone by sweeping the US Open in 2006, beating a professional and several 8- and 9-dans in the process.  In 2012 Liu stormed the first AGA/Tygem professional certification tourney, his undefeated record earning him promotion to Professional One Dan, along with Gansheng Shi 1P.  Liu is currently in his fourth year at New York University, studying Business and English.  The E-Journal is delighted to have both of the first U.S. pros commenting for us, and we know our readers will enjoy their insights.