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Kiseido Digital Releases DVD of Go World’s Final Issues

Friday July 5, 2013

The last 21 issues of Go World have just been released on DVD, reports Kiseido Digital’s Bob Myers. “We got the message loud and clear,” Myers tells the E-Journal. “The community wanted the final issues in digital form, now. We were happy to respond.” The issues – Autumn 2006 through Winter 2013 – are collected in Go World Archive Vol. IV, available as a single DVD ($49.99), and “continue the great Go World tradition of detailed game commentaries, news, tutorials, and problems,” says Myers. “We’ve included Jochen Fassbender’s wonderful and detailed topical index, jumping you directly to issue and page. Vol. IV also contains an updated full-text search index for all 129 issues, allowing you to instantly find any text in over 8000 pages.”