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2013 AMERICAN GO YEARBOOK: Member’s Edition Collection of Games, Commentaries & More

Saturday January 4, 2014

Welcome to the American Go Yearbook 2013 Member’s Edition Collection! One of the benefits of your membership in the American Go Association is the Member’s Edition of the American Go E-Journal, the largest English language go publication in the world. Each week we deliver original content direct to you from an amazing team of contributors that now includes Michael Redmond 9P, Myung-wan Kim 9P, Yilun Yang 7P, Guo Juan 5P, longtime teacher Yuan Zhou, the inimitable Kazunari Furuyama, as well as new US professionals Gansheng Shi 1P and Andy Liu 1P. We also published special reports on the 2013 U.S. Go Congress, the 2013 World Amateur Go Championship and the 2013 SportAccord World Mind Games. This handy online resource gathers links to this wealth of material, enabling you to quickly find what you’re looking for on the month-by-month list below. Once selected, game records or PDFs open up quickly and easily for your review or download. We appreciate your support of the AGA and hope that you will find this collection a valuable and useful resource; comments and suggestions are welcome at
- Chris Garlock, Managing Editor

These game records, commentaries and other material are distributed to you as a member of the American Go Association as a benefit of membership. You may download unlimited copies for your own use; please do not circulate them to non-members.

Production Team:  Chris Garlock, Managing Editor;   Myron Souris, Games Editor;   Justin Hall, Assistant Online Editor

2013.01.01: Yilun Yang’s 2013 New Year’s Puzzle
2013.01.01: Guo Juan 5P on Tesujis and Tactics
2013.01.01: Yilun Yang’s January Easy Life and Death Puzzle
2013.01.08: Lessons with Kaz: On Fighting (part V)
2013.01.08: Yilun Yang’s January Hard Life and Death Puzzle
2013.01.15: Feng Yun 9P on Winning Won Games
2013.01.22: Yuan Zhou on How Not to Play Moyo Style
2013.01.29: Guo Juan 5P on Common Joseki Mistakes
2013.01.29: Redmond on O Rissei – Redmond

2013.02.05: Feng Yun 9P on A Game With Everything
2013.02.05: Yilun Yang’s February Easy Life and Death Puzzle
2013.02.12: Yilun Yang’s February Hard Life and Death Puzzle
2013.02.12: Lessons with Kaz: On Fighting (part VI)
2013.02.19: Redmond on Kaori Chinen vs. Redmond
2013.02.19: Yuan Zhou on Missing the Forest for the Trees
2013.02.26: Feng Yun 9p on Reducing a Moyo

2013.03.05: Guo Juan 5p on For Each Move a Purpose
2013.03.05: Yilun Yang’s March Easy Life and Death Puzzle
2013.03.12: Yilun Yang’s March Hard Life and Death Puzzle
2013.03.12: Yuan Zhou on Making Better Moves
2013.03.19: Lessons with Kaz: On Fighting (part VII)
2013.03.26: Feng Yun 9P on A Missed Attack

2013.04.02: Yilun Yang’s April Easy Life and Death Puzzle
2013.04.02: Guo Juan 5P on Understanding the Position
2013.04.09: Yilun Yang’s April Hard Life and Death Puzzle
2013.04.09: Yuan Zhou on Kyu Player Potpourri
2013.04.16: Lessons with Kaz, On Fighting (part VIII)
2013.04.23: Feng Yun 9P on Game Changing Moves
2013.04.30: Guo Juan 5P on Handling Strong and Weak Groups

2013.05.07: Yilun Yang’s May Easy Life and Death Puzzle
2013.05.07: Yuan Zhou on Kyu Cornucopia
2013.05.14: Attach-and-Extend Joseki
2013.05.14: Yilun Yang’s May Hard Life and Death Puzzle
2013.05.21: Feng Yun 9P on Controlling the Center
2013.05.28: Guo Juan 5P on Strengthening Before Attacking

2013.06.04: Yuan Zhou on Moyo Mayhem
2013.06.04: Yilun Yang’s June Easy Life and Death Puzzle
2013.06.11: Yilun Yang’s June Hard Life and Death Puzzle
2013.06.11: Gansheng Shi 1P on Practical Play
2013.06.18: Lessons with Kaz: Attach-and-Extend Joseki II
2013.06.25: Andy Liu 1P on Efficient Plays

2013.07.02: Yilun Yang’s July Easy Life and Death Puzzle
2013.07.02: Guo Juan 5P on Winning a Won Game
2013.07.09: Yilun Yang’s July Hard Life and Death Puzzle
2013.07.09: Guo Juan 5P on the Importance of Correct Shape
2013.07.16: Yuan Zhou on Keeping It Simple
2013.07.23: Gansheng Shi 1P on Punishing Weak Groups
2013.07.30: Redmond 9P on Yo Kagen vs Redmond

2013/08/05: Lessons with Kaz: Attach-and-Extend Joseki III
2013/08/05: Yilun Yang’s August Easy Life and Death Puzzle
2013 U.S. Go Congress Overview: Report, Games, Commentaries
2013/08/13: Yuan Zhou on the Kobayashi Opening
2013/08/13: Yilun Yang’s August Hard Life and Death Puzzle
2013/08/20: Lessons with Kaz: Attach-and-Extend Joseki IV
2013/08/27: Andy Liu 1P on Handling a Moyo
2013 World Amateur Go Championship Report, Games, Commentaries

Yilun Yang’s September Easy Life and Death Puzzle
Guo Juan 5P on European Go Congress
Michael Redmond 9P on Hirata vs. Redmond
Yuan Zhou on Prolonged Ponnuki Power
Yilun Yang’s September Hard Life and Death
Myung-wan Kim 9P on Eric Lui vs Lee Sedol
Lessons with Kaz: Peeps I
Michael Redmond 9P on Sakai Maki vs Redmond

2013.10.01: Guo Juan 5P on Good Joseki Choices
2013.10.01: Yilun Yang’s October Easy Life and Death Puzzle
2013.10.08: Yuan Zhou on Moyo Preparation
2013.10.08: Yilun Yang’s October Hard Life and Death Puzzle
2013.10.15: Lessons with Kaz: Peeps II
2013.10.15: Michael Redmond’s October Tsumego
2013.10.22: Michael Redmond 9P on Yamashita Isao vs. Redmond
2013.10.22: Michael Redmond’s October Tsumego (solution)
2013 Cotsen Overview Reports, Games, Commentaries
2013.10.29: Guo Juan 5P on Redmond Cup Game

2013.11.05: Yuan Zhou on Playing the Biggest Area
2013.11.05: Yilun Yang’s November Easy Life and Death Puzzle
2013.11.12: Andy Liu 1P on High Level Analysis
2013.11.12: Yilun Yang’s November Hard Life and Death Puzzle
2013.11.19: Lessons with Kaz: Peeps III
2013.11.19: Michael Redmond’s November Tsumego
2013.11.26: Guo Juan 5P on Pro-Amateur Handicap Game
2013.11.26: Michael Redmond’s November Tsumego (solution)

2013.12.03: Redmond 9P on Ogaki vs. Redmond
2013.12.03: Yilun Yang’s December Easy Life and Death Puzzle
2013.12.10: Yuan Zhou on Middle Game Principles
2013.12.10: Yilun Yang’s December Hard Life and Death Puzzle
2013 SportAccord World Mind Games Overview: Reports, Photos, Games, Commentaries
2013.12.17: Gansheng Shi 1P on Redmond Cup Game
2013.12.17: Michael Redmond’s December Tsumego
2013.12.24: Lessons with Kaz: Peeps IV
2013.12.24: Michael Redmond’s December Tsumego (solution)
2013.12.31: Guo Juan 5P on A Go Smorgasbord

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