American Go E-Journal

Member’s Edition: Michael Redmond 9P on Yamashiro-Redmond

Tuesday February 11, 2014


2014 Masters Cup Qualifying match
Black:  Yamashiro Hiroshi 9P
White:  Michael Redmond 9P
Commentary:  Michael Redmond 9P
Published in the February 11, 2014 edition of the American Go E-Journal

The Masters tournament is limited to players of age 50 or above, and those who have won at least one of the 7 major titles in the past are seeded into the final tournament.  Yamashiro has never won any such title, although he has been the challenger a few times, so he must play the qualifier.  I was chosen to play in this qualifying match because of my relatively good record in the year 2012, compared to other players my age or above.  I arrived at the age 50 in 2013.  After about 14 weeks with no games, I have now played 3 games in one week.  This game was one of those games.