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Member’s Edition: Michael Redmond 9P on Yamada vs. Redmond

Tuesday January 6, 2015


Oza Tournament, B Section
White: Michael Redmond 9P
Black: Yamada Takuji 7P
Commentary: Michael Redmond 9P
Published in the January 6, 2015 edition of the American Go E-Journal

Yamada Takuji has been in the Kisei league, and played for Japan in the Fujitsu Cup in 2008. In this game, I played poorly in the opening and was in trouble throughout, while Yamada played cleverly, but made it interesting with a couple of relatively simple mistakes. This game was the final round of the Oza B qualifier, and by winning I moved up to the A qualifier. That puts me 3 or 4 wins away from the final 16 player tournament.