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Member’s Edition: Michael Redmond’s January Tsumego (solution)

Tuesday January 27, 2015


White plays in every circle.
Click on a number (1-5) inside a circle to display that tsumego.
Published in the January 27, 2015 edition of the American Go E-Journal.

To commemorate the olympic-like competition of the recent 2014 SportAccord World Mind Games, Michael Redmond 9P created this ingenious 5 ring tsumego problem, which is really 5 separate tsumego, each with surprisingly different solution themes.

(Note: if you want to view this tsumego set in a non-Eidogo SGF viewer, you’ll need to download this SGF.)

Michael Redmond 9P shares with the E-Journal some of his own tsumego compositions. For these more challenging problems, dan players can test their reading speed and accuracy, while kyu players can play through the solutions to learn ideas and techniques. The solution will appear a week after the problem publication.

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